Approval to establish the St George irrigation undertaking, based on a water supply from Jack Taylor Weir, was granted in 1953. The first new irrigation farms were opened in 1956. In 1967 the scheme was extended with the approval to construct Beardmore Dam and associated works. Construction of the extended scheme was completed during 1972.

Uses of Water


Water is supplied for the irrigation of cotton, wheat, grapes, melons, peanuts and small crops.

Urban Water Supplies

The town of St George is supplied from the scheme.


Industrial users include an abattoir and tourist accommodation

Major Storage

Beadmore Dam

Beardmore Dam, constructed during 1968 to 1972, is a rockfill construction with a central concrete spillway. The gates are progressively raised to allow flood waters to pass through safely.

Outlet works have been constructed in the main wall on the left abutment to permit releases from the dam by gravity to the Balonne River and Thuraggi Watercourse as required.

Channel/Pipeline System

A network of channels and drains serves land on the left bank of the Balonne River extending 32 kilometres south-east of St George.

The channel system is supplied from Beardmore Dam, via Jack Taylor Weir, on the Balonne River and Moolabah Weir and Buckinbah Weir on Thuraggi Watercourse.

All supply channels in the St George Channel/Pipeline System are of open earth construction with manually operated gravity flow control structures.
The original St George Main Channel and its subsidiaries supplied the whole of the initial channel/pipeline system.