The Pioneer River Water Supply Scheme was primarily developed to provide a reliable supply of water for urban, industrial and agricultural uses around Mackay and districts.

The sequential development of the scheme commenced with Marian Weir constructed to supply Marian Sugar Mill and irrigators in the region.

Mirani Weir followed and was constructed to provide additional yield for downstream irrigators as well as to provide a pumping pool from which flood flows are diverted through the Mirani Diversion Channel to Kinchant Dam.

Dumbleton Rocks Weir was constructed by Mackay Regional Council to provide an urban water supply and subsequently upgraded twice as part of the Pioneer River Water Supply Scheme in 1993 and 1997.

Finally, in 1997 Teemburra Dam was constructed to store 147,600 ML.

Uses of Water


The majority ofwater is supplied to irrigators located in Palm Creek and Cattle Creek.

Urban Water Supplies

Water is provided to supplement the town water supply for Mackay and surrounding townships.


Water is also supplied for industrial purposes.

Major Storage

Teemburra Dam

The major storage of the Pioneer River Water Supply Scheme, Teemburra Dam is compromised of a main dam and Saddle Dams 1 & 2 and is located some 60 km west of Mackay. The main dam regulates flows into Teemburra Creek whereas Saddle Dam 2 supplies water into Palm Tree Creek pipeline.

Channel/Pipeline Systems

The primary outlet is located at Saddle Dam 2 and delivers water to the adjacent Cattle Creek Valley where a significant amount of the irrigation demand is located. A pipeline from the toe of the Saddle Dam delivers water to a regulating valve outlet on Palm Tree Creek. This Palm Tree Creek Pipeline runs 1.8 km from the Saddle Dam to the Palm Tree Creek outlet and is about 180 metres lower in elevation than the reservoir full supply level.