Nominal Volumes as at COB 16 Dec 2016


A change to the location of a water allocation is possible between zones.

If the change can be made within the maximum and minimum constraints set by the trading rules – specified in the Barron Resource Operations Plan – then the change will generally be approved.

If an application to change the location of a water allocation would cause the maximum and minimum constraints to be exceeded, then individual assessments and public advertisements may be required.


Zone Zone Group Minimum* Minimum Annual Volumetric Limit* Maximum Annual Volumetric Limit* Projected* Trade into zone permitted? Trade out of zone permitted?
Barron Zone A 0 15,000 9,314.00 Yes Yes
Barron Zone B # 8,500 0 13,500 8,760.50 Yes Yes
Barron Zone C # 0 20,000 462.00 Yes Yes
Barron Zone D 86,200 No Limit 167,855.00 Yes Yes
Barron Zone E 9,500 29,500 18,032.80 Yes Yes

* Volume in Megalitres

Projected volume represents the forecasted “current volume” assuming all outstanding dealing certificates or matters under review are registered on the water allocations register.

# Zone B and Zone C constitute the Barron River Zone Group and must have a combined minimum volume of 8,500ML eg. if Zone B has a minimum of 0ML, then Zone C must have a minimum of 8,500ML.

Some zones will also have individually specified maximum or minimum volumes as well as a combined maximum or minimum volume. For example, if Zone 1 and Zone 2 specify a maximum volume of 800ML and 950ML respectively, then the current volume for each zone must not exceed the volume specified for the zone value