The Maranoa River water supply scheme is centred on the Town of Mitchell and its major supply infrastructure is Neil Turner Weir, which was built in 1984.

The scheme supplements surface water along the Maranoa River over a combined 9.7 km stretch from Neil Turner Weir to the end of its ponded area.

Uses of Water


Minimal water is supplied from the Neil Turner Weir for irrigation purposes.


The town of Mitchell accesses water supplies from the Maranoa River water supply scheme.

Major Storage

Neil Turner Weir

Neil Turner Weir is located on the Maranoa River at AMTD 222.2km approximately 1 km north west of the Town of Mitchell. Constructed in 1984, the main purpose of the weir was to provide water for the town of Mitchell, regulate streamflow, allow for irrigation and provide a recreational facility. It is a sand-filled concrete-faced cascading structure made up from rock-filled precast units.