Coolmunda Dam is the major storage for the Macintyre Brook Water Supply Scheme. The dam serves water users along the Macintyre Brook and beyond Goondiwindi. The dam was built in 1968.

Uses of Water


Water from Macintyre Brook Water Supply Scheme is supplied for the irrigation of lucerne, citrus, stone fruit, vines, olives and cereal.

Urban Water Supplies

The town of Inglewood, bowls and golf clubs are also supplied by the Macintyre Brook Water Supply Scheme.


Stock intensive industries such as feedlots and chicken production companies are also supplied water from the scheme.

Major Storage

Coolmunda Dam

Coolmunda Dam is a zoned earth and rockfill wall structure with a concrete spillway, 7 automatic counter balanced radial gates and an outlet works consisting of a 915 millimetre diameter steel pipe.