The Lower Fitzroy Water Supply Scheme is located inside the Fitzroy River Basin.

When measured along the river, the Lower Fitzroy WSS is 68 km long. It extends from the upstream limit of the Fitzroy Barrage pond at AMTD 115km to the upstream limit of the Eden Bann Weir pond at AMTD 183 km. The Stanwell pipeline is 28 km long.

The main purpose of the Lower Fitzroy Water Supply Scheme is to store and pump water from the Fitzroy River for use as cooling water by the Stanwell Power Station. The scheme also supplies agricultural and riparian allocation holders along the Fitzroy River and stock, domestic, and industrial users along the Stanwell Pipeline.

SunWater manages the Lower Fitzroy Water Supply Scheme and owns its built infrastructure: Eden Bann Weir, Stanwell Pump Station, and Stanwell Pipeline and the land on which they stand.

Uses of Water


Bulk water is supplied for industrial purposes.

Major Storage

Eden Bann Weir

Eden Bann Weir is a mass-concrete retaining-structure that holds in excess of 26,000 ML at FSL. It has two crests (14.8 m and 14.5 m), a fish lock, and a selective outlet.

Channels/Pipeline Systems

Stanwell Pipeline

The Stanwell Pipeline is 28 km long and bypasses Rockhampton within 10 km of its western boundary. It links the Stanwell Pump Station with an 1,856ML balancing storage at the Stanwell Power Station.

The Stanwell pipeline and its pump station were commissioned in 1992.