The Eton Water Supply Scheme is located southwest of Mackay near the town of Eton.

Kinchant Dam, situated near Mt Kinchant, 6 kilometres southeast of Mirani, is the only storage in the Eton Water Supply Scheme. It was constructed to capture runoff water from the small portion of the catchment of Sandy Creek and water pumped from the Pioneer River during defined streamflow events.

Uses of Water


Water is predominately used for the irrigation of sugar cane.

Major Storage

Kinchant Dam

Kinchant Dam is an earth and rockfill structure with a maximum height of 21.5 metres, a crest length of just over 5 kilometres.

The volume of earth and rockfill material in the dam totals 3.4 million cubic metres. The concrete spillway contains 3,290 cubic metres of concrete.

Three water harvesting pump stations are located at Mirani Weir below the confluence of Cattle Creek and the Pioneer River, and divert water into an 8 kilometre diversion channel into Kinchant Dam.

From Kinchant Dam, water is reticulated through open channels and pipelines to the customers by gravity and relift pumping systems.

Channel/Pipeline System

Channel System

The channel supply system distributes water from Kinchant Dam through 35 kilometres of open earth channels to the various sections of the scheme including Brightley to the south, Victoria Plains to the east and Oakenden, Marwood, Munbura, Mt. Alice and Dawlish to the southeast. The Abingdon area to the west draws supply directly from Kinchant Dam. Within these sections a further 130 kilometres of pipeline deliver water to customers.

Relift Areas

Relift pump stations are located along the main channel and on Kinchant Dam to lift water to higher lands while balancing storages are used to ensure that efficiency supply is maintained throughout the systems.