Chinchilla Weir, which was built in 1973, is located on the Condamine River, eight kilometres south of the town of Chinchilla. The weir has the dual purpose of providing supply of irrigation water along the alluvial flats of the Condamine River and of augmenting the water supply to the town of Chinchilla.

Chinchilla Weir is a concrete faced earthfill structure and is the only storage for the Chinchilla Weir Water Supply Scheme.

Uses of Water


Water is supplied from Chinchilla Weir for the irrigation of cereal and melons as well as pasture and fodder crops.

Urban Water Supplies

Chinchilla Weir supplies water to the town of Chinchilla.

Chinchilla Beneficial Use Scheme

The Chinchilla Beneficial Use Scheme involves the use of coal seam gas (CSG) water that has been treated at the Kenya Water Treatment Plant (WTP). The overall scheme and pipeline component are managed by SunWater, while the treatment plant operation is managed by QGC Pty Ltd.

The Chinchilla Beneficial Use Scheme involves the release of treated water into the Chinchilla Weir, mainly for use by irrigators. The release of treated water into Chinchilla Weir is regulated under Beneficial Use Approval ENBU02701811.

Condition C28 of this approval requires SunWater to prepare and publish quarterly water quality monitoring data reports. These are available hereOpens a new window.