Callide Dam was constructed in 1965 with the capacity of the dam increased with the construction of a second stage in 1988. Coal mining, beef production, power generation, dryland cropping and irrigation cropping such as lucerne and cotton are the Shire’s major industries.

Uses of Water


Irrigation water is supplied from groundwater reserves in the valley to irrigated agriculture including dairy, winter and summer cereal cropping and lucerne.

Urban Water Supplies

The Banana Shire Council draws water from the Callide Dam for the township of Biloela.


SunWater supplies water to a number of large industries located in the Callide Valley including the Callide Power Station and a meatworks.

Major Storages

Water is released from Callide (136,700 ML) and Kroombit dams (14,600 ML) to downstream controlling structures, from which water percolates into the underlying aquifers. Water is supplied to the majority of customers in the valley from these aquifers.