At QWB/C we specialise in water assets: predominantly agricultural water for irrigation, mining and industrial uses. We work in both a brokerage and advisory role with our clients and deliver advice that generates significant revenues and increases capital positions; often the advice is relating to:

: Acquisition of water rights and conveyancing of water
: Temporary transfer of water rights
: Valuation of water
: Leasing and permanent sale of water
: Evaporation reduction
: Land access negotiations
: Flood harvesting
: Investment funds

Furthermore, we work with companies in land access rights for water infrastructure and developing solutions for commercial operators in getting the most from their water rights. This process may include negotiating with the Department of Natural Resources and Mines, SunWater, and providing strategic and advice relating to these assets.

Our clients have included:
Leighton’s Contractors- sourcing water for mega-construction project ($2 billion)
GVK Hancock Coal: strategic advice regarding water assets
Glencore: strategic advice regarding water entitlements
Rabo Bank: advice regarding valuation of water markets
Bandanna Energy: advice regarding valuation of water assets
Wolfram Mining: advice regarding valuation of water assets
Department of Natural Resources and Mines and Energy:


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